Tech Talk Augusta

A couple of weeks ago an old friend, Scott Hardigree, reached out to me to ask me if I could help him out with something. He was putting together a group to highlight our local tech community here in Augusta and needed some help setting up a WordPress site. I was not super familiar with WordPress, but I was interested in learning how to do somethings in it and get some experience with it so I said yes. After us working together to get the design of it right, he asked me if I wanted to be a little more involved. The plan is to create and put on some networking events and talks and also highlight things that are currently going on in our community. I viewed it as a great challenge. It is something that is going to do a couple of things. First, it is going to force me to be more involved in the tech community here. I have been pretty guilty about just staying in my own narrow view of what is going on my life. I have wanted to go out to meetups and events at places like, but always seemed to find some excuse not to go. Secondly, it is also going to push me out of my comfort zone. I think that is key to fighting stagnation in both a career and life. The added bonus of having Scott be an accountability partner for me should keep me moving forward in this. Finally, it is going to help me develop my creative skills a good bit more. So I am excited about this venture and where it is going to take me.